Sunday, August 11, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Green Lantern Animated Series: Revenge of the Red Lanterns

Computer animation still feels uncomfy, to me, but it works here.  The series is a fairly complex in its season-long arc, for a kid's show, and it is also violent and bloody series for a kid's show.

I make a mistake in calling it a "kid's" show, though -- it's a boy's show.  The female characters fall into flat stereotypes (the first recurring female character is a navigational computer).  Green Lantern always had this problem, as a property, at least as long as Hal Jordan was the Lantern, so this doesn't surprise, but it disappoints.

The idea of the forgotten sector could have been a powerful nod to questions of colonialism...  But I expect a lot of the kid's show.

Worth a watch on reruns;  maybe not worth the $10 I spent for the DVD.

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