Sunday, August 11, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Green Lantern Animated Series: Revenge of the Red Lanterns

Computer animation still feels uncomfy, to me, but it works here.  The series is a fairly complex in its season-long arc, for a kid's show, and it is also violent and bloody series for a kid's show.

I make a mistake in calling it a "kid's" show, though -- it's a boy's show.  The female characters fall into flat stereotypes (the first recurring female character is a navigational computer).  Green Lantern always had this problem, as a property, at least as long as Hal Jordan was the Lantern, so this doesn't surprise, but it disappoints.

The idea of the forgotten sector could have been a powerful nod to questions of colonialism...  But I expect a lot of the kid's show.

Worth a watch on reruns;  maybe not worth the $10 I spent for the DVD.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Star-Ving

Well, David Faustino and the Guy from Parker Lewis Can't Lose make a low-level web comedy.  I watch it like I watch Saturday Night Live -- in the hopes that it will be better than it is, and with comfort with the stars and unchallenging premise.

Media Consumption Log: Ultimate Marvel Team Up

Some of the best artists in the comics business (including Sienkiewiczd, Mahfood, others) cannot save Bendis from himself.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Teen Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day

Three issues for the sole purpose of establishing the death of Donna Troy, which is undone by the end of the series, more or less.  Why?

Media Consumption Log: Doctor Who: End of Time (The Last Tenant Movie)

This has not stood the test of time.  The sense of impending end which made it so powerful to watch has made it hard to re-watch.  The long goodbye now feels like a Minnesota Goodbye -- it lasts long by virtue of convention, rather than emotion.  It feels very much like the first goodbye for fans who aren't used  to regeneration yet -- so much emotional load, very Logopolis in this way.  And Logopolis is both a favorite episode and a strangely melodramatic one.  Perhaps this is a reminder that Russell T. Davies would, had he remained there longer, proven to have more in common with John Nathan-Turner than would be visible on the surface.

Media Consumption Log: Generation X #1-30ish

Man, I remember why I bought these -- I loved the idea of Emma Frost and a school full of teens.  The powers were weird (one kid didn't stretch -- he just had "extra skin").  But man, the art now feels so 1990s, and the storylines dragged and dragged with teen melodrama.

Media Consumption Log: Alien Trespass

Was this intended as horror?  As humor?  As homage?  Because I can't tell, I can't quite enjoy this movie.

Media Consumption Log: The Crusaders (Red Circle) (2000s)

Manga-Animated Style on some classic characters -- not to my taste, despite my love of the characters.

Media Consumption Log: We Will Bury You

It's flappers and Browning's "Freaks" in a Zombie comic.  Clever, but the characterization never lived up to the plot gimmicks.  So reluctantly, with three issues of the four in my collection, I sell -- though I might buy a trade if I find it.

Media Consumption Log: Call of Wonderland

Wow.  There was a time when I thought Zenescope books were clever -- a kind of second tier Fables.  They lost me a while back, I guess.

Media Consumption Log: Alias

Bendis:  slow, dragging, and just plain unrealistic and unfun.

Media Consumption Log: Blackest Night Spinoffs (JSA, etc)

What if:  a poor concept for an "event" series became a poor concept for mini-series that fail to advance that event series?  I won't collect "Blackest Night," and upon consideration, I won't collect the attending series, even if they are of characters I otherwise collect.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Media Consumption Log: 28 Weeks Later

Fast Zombies:  I'm okay with that.
Part of me wants to read this as a post-9/11 metaphor -- we cannot go back to the way we were and we cannot leave behind the atrocities we committed in the name of our own defense.
Part of me wants to read this as a "divorce" metaphor, a broken families metaphor.
At any rate, I enjoyed the movie a great deal.

Media Consumption Log: Justified, Season 1

It's kind of fun, watching the last tropes of old-school masculinity played in this way.  The hero does not relish the violence he is forced to enact;  rather, the criminals and the situations he encounters force him to kill, to punch, to wear the ten-gallon hat (literally).  It's kind of like watching an episode of the Red Show Diaries, but with violence instead of sex:  it's not particularly pornographic, but you know, in your heart, that this is not quite right, not quite real. At least you hope so.

Media Consumption Log: X-Men: First Class (Movies in the Park)

Sometimes, the origin story is better for having an investment in the character, first.  I wish that some of the other franchise comic movies realized this.  I wanted Emma Frost to be more developed, as a character (really, is there any character who has appeared in so many comics and yet still seems so much a cipher in the wrong hands?).  I always fear the "Magneto as Holocaust Survivor' trope, but it worked well here.  All in all, the movie I always wanted as a comics fan.

Media Consumption Log: Thor (Movies in the Park)

Magnificent noise and bombast, bright colors, amazing effects -- a 1960s comic come to life.  And I love it for being that, while wishing it might have been more.

Media Consumption Log: Night Skies

Was this made for cable TV?  I guess there is some value to the "everybody (almost) dies" horror/alien movie, but this one seemed brutal for letting what could have been interesting characterization just slip away in the name of advancing the brutality.

Media Consumption Log: Finding the Future

I understand the whole "science fiction writers are visionaries" trope.  I can't understand the "science fiction fans" are visionaries" trope that runs through this documentary.

Media Consumption Log: StarWoids, the Force is With Us

I loved fan documentaries until I saw two Star Wars fan documentaries too many.  These were them.  Not that there is anything wrong with these, and based on release date, they could be pioneers.  But there is too little new in these.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Media Consumption Log: The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

It felt too soon to reboot after Raimi and Tobey and company, but really, when you watch this re-creation, it feels right.  Parker is back to being an inventing genius (inventing his web shooters), and maybe more importantly, and in line with Iron Man and Man of Steel, Parker is no longer alone in the burden of being Spider-Man.  Worth seeing twice, so I did.

Media Consumption Log: IceQuake

Oh, what some dry ice, some computer graphics, and no writers can do for a movie.  This is the kind of made-for-cable-TV disaster movie that must have followed in the wake of The Day after Tomorrow.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Enter the Dragon

The lush sound and saturated colors of the 1970s... this movie is magnificent and dated at the same time.  Most significant, I think, is that Bruce Lee never looks triumphant, never looks comfortable, in his use of martial arts.

Media Consumption Log: Cape Fear (1962)

This is what noir is all about, in some ways -- at least, from a cinematographic angle, this is a movie set in darkness, and I like it.  What is disappointing is the clean division between good and evil.  There is no chance to sympathise with the villain nor to complicate identification with the hero.  And man, this is total PG compared even to an episode of Criminal Minds.