Sunday, May 26, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Girlfrenzy The Mist

Mary Marvel, Black Hand, and a supporting cast member from Starman.  Hmmmm...

Media Consumption Log: Star Trek/X-Men

These crossovers are always cheesy, but the pinups are awesome.  I liked the Gary Mitchell/Phoenix moment, I guess, if I had to like something.

Medium Consumption Log: Adventures of Superman (post-death era)

Mullet-Superman, some interesting stories about identity, rendered almost unreadable by the "triangle" system of numbering Superman comics so that four comics were essentially one storyline.  While the odd issue is interesting, on the whole, in the Great Comic Purge, they have to go!

Media Consumption Log: Media Matters DVDs

I don't want to think this hard when the TV is on.  Respectable, and useful for pedagogy, especially the startling first video about perceptions of color -- but not something to watch on the weekends, when apparently, to my weary eyes, media matters less.

Medium Consumption Log: Star Trek, Into Darkness

The first Star Trek of the J.J. era was a reinvention on the scale of Joyce's Ulysses (I exaggerate, but only a little).  This movie is a remake on the scale of the Family Guy recreations of Star Wars.  Deeply disappointing.

Medium Consumption Log: Resolved (Documentary)

An interesting video for a rhetoric professor to watch -- one that teaches us something about the education system broadly and the different ways that access and economics and culture are reinforced by educational practices and traditions.  While the use of Freire is slight, the overall is thought-provoking.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Various Manhunter Comics of the 1980s and 1990s

So wait -- was Spawn the Manhunter in the DC Comics of the 1990s?

And the 1980s -- is there any Manhunter comic that isn't a reworking of the anxieties and strains of the shadow cast by the 1970s Manhunter comics?  (I have hope for the 2000s series!)

Media Consumption Log: Iron Man 1, 2, 3

Probably the best-ever trilogy of superhero movies -- better than anything Batman or Superman franchises generated, and more consistent than then X-Men franchise.  #1 recovered the magic of the comic series while reinventing the narrative.  #2 sustained, even if it did not innovate, and #3 recreated the Mandarin for the 21st century and cemented the idea that continuity in comics can be an innovative way to conceive a movie franchise.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Media Consumption Log: The First Episode of Lost in Space

Watching ME-TV in the background tonight.  Like most of my generation, I disrupt my focus on work by tuning in to sound in the background.  (I killed this habit pre-tenure, and welcome it's return.)  The premiere episode of Lost in Space was almost real science fiction -- I was actually feeling dread for the characters' fate!  What a turn from the cotton candy of later seasons!

Media Consumption Log: Babylon 5

Steve Farnham suggested this.  It's not too bad.  I wouldn't own it, mostly because the makeup on aliens is poor theatre quality -- the designers in the bonus materials said they wanted to go beyond the forehead appliance (used in ST:TNG), but they should have only done so if they were ready to surpass the forehead appliance.  But mostly, in the end, it suffers from the same slow-moving politicking of Star Trek: Deep Space 9, a slow moving-ness I tolerated because I am committed to  the franchise -- I am not committed to this franchise.

Media Consumption Log: Iron Man, circa 2000+

In this period, Iron Man divests himself of his fortune (clever), then nosedives away from being the man who was sharply critical of his family's and corporation's role in weapons development for the military to becoming a wing of the military (SHIELD and the Initiative).  Really, is there no sense of continuity among comics authors after 2000?  I hereby move to divest myself of all comics published by Marvel in the Bendis Era.

Media Consumption Log: Iron Man Hypervelocity

Iron Man meets Cyberpunk and Rave Culture of the 1990s -- in the 2000s!  Oi.

Media Consumption Log: Justice League Task Force #1-10

...because comics need a team of super-heroes capable of undercover insurgent political action.  It's thinking like this that also destroyed the Dalton bond flicks.

Media Consumption Log: King Corn

It amazed me, and with SuperSize Me and Food Inc., it changed some of my consumption habits.  Yet, in rewatching, it grinds so slowly.

Media Consumption Log: Fantastic Four #566-569

Mark Millar gives us yet another "one decision by Reed Richards could destroy the multiverse" story.  No one uses a multiverse more mundanely than Marvel!