Sunday, April 28, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Being Human (BBC)

Man, is this series good -- crisper than the US version, though both are strong.  And really, a thousand times better than most other weepy vampire crud.

(PS:  I weep at the beauty of Lenora Crichlow.)

Media Consumption Log: Bloodrayne

Are all video game movies this boring?

Media Consumption Log: Green Lantern #157

Of all the mid-2000s GL comics, with their Hal Jordan traumas and their Women in Refrigerators and their Hate Crime rhetoric, this issue stands out -- Jay Faerber delivers the goods on an action/adventure story as well as a slice-of-life story that treats the women characters as characters (more or less -- still questionable on the Bechdel test, but at least a worthy effort and an entertaining read).

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Justice League Task Force #11+

The 1990s were not kind to the Justice League.  While Elongated Man and Martian Manhunter and even Gypsy created connections to what used-to-be, the rest seemed 1990s creepy -- Vandal Savage as organ-plunderer, Despero's body inhabited by another (L-Ron), and so on.  The introduction of Peter Cannon was sweet, but even that story lacked panache.

Media Consumption Log: Judd Winick era of Green Lantern

I loved these comics when they were initially published -- the Kyle Rayner journey toward being the Only Green Lantern and then the First of a New Corps was awesome.  But it is tainted for me -- tainted by the Women in Refrigerators controversy that was catalyzed by this book, tainted even by the eventual struggle for how to rehabilitate Hal Jordan.  As such, I reread these comics with something like a bitter aftertaste.

Media Consumption Log: Escape from New York

Escape from New York:  I didn't want to like this.  After all, I liked Logan's Run when I re-watched it for the first time in 20 years, and that was a bit embarrassing.  Surely Escape from New York would be the same...  and I would be similarly embarrassed.

I did like it, but for a very odd reason.  There is a whole class of movies with post-apocalyptic settings that appear to simply be the same urban settings you would see on Kojak, grimy and dirty, with some trash cans set on fire.  Apparently, the city was already post-apocalyptic in 1975.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Media Consumption Log: SyFy's Flash Gordon

Slowest start to a TV show ever, but by the end, it recovered.  Flash and Zarkov and Dale never really became the iconic characters from the newspaper strips, but the show moved toward a real crescendo that recreated Ming for the 21st century in a powerful, plausible way.

Media Consumption Log: The Last Man

This movie is awesome for one reason:  Jeri Ryan (formerly "7 of 9" on Star Trek: Voyager) plays one of the leads.  But that's about all it has going for it.