Monday, March 18, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Killing the Cobra (Comic, IDW)

Vampire veteran of the Iraq War becomes caught up in the Chinese criminal underworld.  Clever.

Media Consumption Log: Marvel Adventures Fantastic4

I love this series.  I am removing it from the collection because I would prefer trades to these floppies.  But, for example, in the Annihilus issue, the villain is not a homicidal warlord maniac, but an old-fashioned "meanie" who is more bug that murderer.  Love it.  Kid-friendly, nostalgia rich.

Media Consumption Log: City of Heroes Comic

If I were asked to predict that a comic about a massive, multiplayer online game would be this good, I would have failed.  All the tropes I loved best from comic universes are present.  If you loved comics in the 1980s, this is the comic universe for you.

Media Consumption Log: The Last House on the Left (Remake)

So, if I understand, this is a remake of a film that was, basically, a reinterpretation of an even older film.  Cotton-candy.  Glad to watch a horror movie that doesn't devolve into a morality play or pointless gore, entirely.  The final scene is unnecessarily gratuitous.

Media Consumption Log: World of New Kryption

It is fitting that a comic series that appears to be mostly about political intrigue on Superman's homeworld be abbreviated "wonk."  Even the appearances of Jemm, Sun of Saturn and of Adam Strange could not save this series for me.