Sunday, October 20, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Monsters

Imagine "The Mist" without any of the character complexity or special effects (and they were minimal in that movie anyway), with a healthy dose of not-quite-right-feeling representations of Mexicans (is this an awkward metaphor for immigration, hamfisted?).  You have Monsters.  I type this while 2/3 through the movie, preparing to pack it up and send it to my sister.

I mean, why would you give your passport to the guy who was so slimy, he snags a one night stand

Media Consumption Log: Various Issues of Animal Man

Alright.  I wanted to like this.  I wanted it to be more than a "message" comic (not so much) and more than Verti-gore (the direction of the adult comics in the 1990s.

But with the exception of the Wile E. Coyote issue, unremarkable in retrospect.  This set will be sold.  That issue will be kept in hopes of use in some later teaching project, I think.

Synopsis for "The Coyote Gospel"
A truck driver for the Ajax Trucking Co. picks up a hitchhiker named Carrie. During their journey through Death Valley, the truck runs over a bipedal coyote-man wandering in the desert who appears to come out of nowhere. Horrified by what he has seen, the truck driver refuses to stop, but unknown to the driver or Carrie as they drive away, the badly mangled coyote miraculously heals from his wounds.
The story takes up one year later...  In the desert, the truck driver hunts the coyote-man, having discovered that he is still alive. In the time since their previous encounter, the truck driver has suffered numerous misfortunes, including the deaths of several people close to him, and has snapped upon learning that Carrie has ended up a drug-addicted prostitute who died during a drug bust. The driver has become convinced that the coyote-man is Satan and, blaming him for his recent misfortunes, is determined to 'save the world' from him. Tracking the coyote-man to his current whereabouts, the truck driver sets numerous traps; although the coyote-man is badly injured by each one, to the truck driver's increasing horror he nevertheless heals each time. Their battle culminates in the coyote-man setting off a rigged grenade which, when it explodes, critically injures both; where the coyote-man recovers from his injuries, the truck driver does not.

...The coyote-man then gives Animal Man a scroll which tells of his exile from another dimension, one similar in nature to Looney Tunes-style cartoons, where he was an anthropomorphic coyote named Crafty. Along with his fellow cartoon characters, Crafty endured an eternity of suffering and violence for the amusement of their artist, presented as a cruel god-figure. One day, however, Crafty snapped and went up to 'Heaven' to challenge the artist; displeased by Crafty's presumption, the artist exiled Crafty to this reality, where he now wanders the Earth trying to find someone to help him return to his reality of origin and end the artist's cruel reign...

Media Consumption Log: Flight of the Living Dead (Zombies on a Plan)

I tend to dislike zombie movies that lack some reasonable explanation for zombie --- if an explanation is offered.  I am cool with inexplicable zombies, but I am uncool with "mysterious gas has zombie virus developed by US military" zombies.

So this movie starts with one strike.

Strike two, no one is likeable.  That may be life for some people, but not yet for me, so strike two.

Strike three, I am sure that the tissue paper that constitutes most of the material in a plane would have ruptured a thousand times before the movie was half over.

So what is there to like about this movie?  Implausible mythology, implausible setting, and distasteful characters.  Yeuch.

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Green Lantern Animated Series: Revenge of the Red Lanterns

Computer animation still feels uncomfy, to me, but it works here.  The series is a fairly complex in its season-long arc, for a kid's show, and it is also violent and bloody series for a kid's show.

I make a mistake in calling it a "kid's" show, though -- it's a boy's show.  The female characters fall into flat stereotypes (the first recurring female character is a navigational computer).  Green Lantern always had this problem, as a property, at least as long as Hal Jordan was the Lantern, so this doesn't surprise, but it disappoints.

The idea of the forgotten sector could have been a powerful nod to questions of colonialism...  But I expect a lot of the kid's show.

Worth a watch on reruns;  maybe not worth the $10 I spent for the DVD.

Friday, August 09, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Star-Ving

Well, David Faustino and the Guy from Parker Lewis Can't Lose make a low-level web comedy.  I watch it like I watch Saturday Night Live -- in the hopes that it will be better than it is, and with comfort with the stars and unchallenging premise.

Media Consumption Log: Ultimate Marvel Team Up

Some of the best artists in the comics business (including Sienkiewiczd, Mahfood, others) cannot save Bendis from himself.

Thursday, August 08, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Teen Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day

Three issues for the sole purpose of establishing the death of Donna Troy, which is undone by the end of the series, more or less.  Why?

Media Consumption Log: Doctor Who: End of Time (The Last Tenant Movie)

This has not stood the test of time.  The sense of impending end which made it so powerful to watch has made it hard to re-watch.  The long goodbye now feels like a Minnesota Goodbye -- it lasts long by virtue of convention, rather than emotion.  It feels very much like the first goodbye for fans who aren't used  to regeneration yet -- so much emotional load, very Logopolis in this way.  And Logopolis is both a favorite episode and a strangely melodramatic one.  Perhaps this is a reminder that Russell T. Davies would, had he remained there longer, proven to have more in common with John Nathan-Turner than would be visible on the surface.

Media Consumption Log: Generation X #1-30ish

Man, I remember why I bought these -- I loved the idea of Emma Frost and a school full of teens.  The powers were weird (one kid didn't stretch -- he just had "extra skin").  But man, the art now feels so 1990s, and the storylines dragged and dragged with teen melodrama.

Media Consumption Log: Alien Trespass

Was this intended as horror?  As humor?  As homage?  Because I can't tell, I can't quite enjoy this movie.

Media Consumption Log: The Crusaders (Red Circle) (2000s)

Manga-Animated Style on some classic characters -- not to my taste, despite my love of the characters.

Media Consumption Log: We Will Bury You

It's flappers and Browning's "Freaks" in a Zombie comic.  Clever, but the characterization never lived up to the plot gimmicks.  So reluctantly, with three issues of the four in my collection, I sell -- though I might buy a trade if I find it.

Media Consumption Log: Call of Wonderland

Wow.  There was a time when I thought Zenescope books were clever -- a kind of second tier Fables.  They lost me a while back, I guess.

Media Consumption Log: Alias

Bendis:  slow, dragging, and just plain unrealistic and unfun.

Media Consumption Log: Blackest Night Spinoffs (JSA, etc)

What if:  a poor concept for an "event" series became a poor concept for mini-series that fail to advance that event series?  I won't collect "Blackest Night," and upon consideration, I won't collect the attending series, even if they are of characters I otherwise collect.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

Media Consumption Log: 28 Weeks Later

Fast Zombies:  I'm okay with that.
Part of me wants to read this as a post-9/11 metaphor -- we cannot go back to the way we were and we cannot leave behind the atrocities we committed in the name of our own defense.
Part of me wants to read this as a "divorce" metaphor, a broken families metaphor.
At any rate, I enjoyed the movie a great deal.

Media Consumption Log: Justified, Season 1

It's kind of fun, watching the last tropes of old-school masculinity played in this way.  The hero does not relish the violence he is forced to enact;  rather, the criminals and the situations he encounters force him to kill, to punch, to wear the ten-gallon hat (literally).  It's kind of like watching an episode of the Red Show Diaries, but with violence instead of sex:  it's not particularly pornographic, but you know, in your heart, that this is not quite right, not quite real. At least you hope so.

Media Consumption Log: X-Men: First Class (Movies in the Park)

Sometimes, the origin story is better for having an investment in the character, first.  I wish that some of the other franchise comic movies realized this.  I wanted Emma Frost to be more developed, as a character (really, is there any character who has appeared in so many comics and yet still seems so much a cipher in the wrong hands?).  I always fear the "Magneto as Holocaust Survivor' trope, but it worked well here.  All in all, the movie I always wanted as a comics fan.

Media Consumption Log: Thor (Movies in the Park)

Magnificent noise and bombast, bright colors, amazing effects -- a 1960s comic come to life.  And I love it for being that, while wishing it might have been more.

Media Consumption Log: Night Skies

Was this made for cable TV?  I guess there is some value to the "everybody (almost) dies" horror/alien movie, but this one seemed brutal for letting what could have been interesting characterization just slip away in the name of advancing the brutality.

Media Consumption Log: Finding the Future

I understand the whole "science fiction writers are visionaries" trope.  I can't understand the "science fiction fans" are visionaries" trope that runs through this documentary.

Media Consumption Log: StarWoids, the Force is With Us

I loved fan documentaries until I saw two Star Wars fan documentaries too many.  These were them.  Not that there is anything wrong with these, and based on release date, they could be pioneers.  But there is too little new in these.

Saturday, August 03, 2013

Media Consumption Log: The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)

It felt too soon to reboot after Raimi and Tobey and company, but really, when you watch this re-creation, it feels right.  Parker is back to being an inventing genius (inventing his web shooters), and maybe more importantly, and in line with Iron Man and Man of Steel, Parker is no longer alone in the burden of being Spider-Man.  Worth seeing twice, so I did.

Media Consumption Log: IceQuake

Oh, what some dry ice, some computer graphics, and no writers can do for a movie.  This is the kind of made-for-cable-TV disaster movie that must have followed in the wake of The Day after Tomorrow.

Friday, August 02, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Enter the Dragon

The lush sound and saturated colors of the 1970s... this movie is magnificent and dated at the same time.  Most significant, I think, is that Bruce Lee never looks triumphant, never looks comfortable, in his use of martial arts.

Media Consumption Log: Cape Fear (1962)

This is what noir is all about, in some ways -- at least, from a cinematographic angle, this is a movie set in darkness, and I like it.  What is disappointing is the clean division between good and evil.  There is no chance to sympathise with the villain nor to complicate identification with the hero.  And man, this is total PG compared even to an episode of Criminal Minds.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Star Trek, The Next Generation, Seasons 1-3

What felt sharp and inspiring when I was a child now feels flat and comic booky.  I can see why this franchise came to an end.  At the same time, I can see why these characters and narratives are beloved.  We tend not to love Othello or Hamlet;  those characters and narratives are too complex.  Instead, in ST, TNG, we have an ensemble cast that allows us to identify both deeply with one character and to feel, in the tensions between Whorf and Picard, for example, the tensions that exist within ourselves.  In this way, there is some advantage, I guess, to the kind of distribution of the richness of human identity among some flattened character types.

The show remains a candy cane confection for me, one I value.

Media Consumption Log: "Nao of Brown" and "Not My Bag"

These two graphic novels are a study in the contrasts of the indy, creator-owned, original graphic novel movement.  On the one hand, in "Not My Bag," we see a graphic novel of nearly meaningless scale:  the story of a retail employee who discovers that parts of life are more important than being a retail employee.  It's tough -- I worked retail for seven years, and I know how much good stories about life behind the cashier can both inspire creativity and make someone a hit at cocktail parties.  But the subtexts in this story (about the value of fashion, about fashion and identity, especially sexual identity, as the narrator is one of the rarest in fiction, a gay male) are ignored.  While this is a fine afternoon read, one that turns the pages for you, almost, that's about all it is.

"Nao of Brown," on the other hand, is an immediate case of reach exceeding grasp.  The graphic novel is filled with possibilities -- with the biracial identity of the narrator, with the mental/emotional challenges faced by the narrator, with the stroke which overcomes her partner.  Filled with possibilities that it never quite fulfills.  Just like "Not My Bag," this novel reads quickly and is beautifully drawn, but in the end, and unlike "NMB," it feels inauthentic:  these characters are flat, their problems are genuine but their responses feel forced by the structure of the story, rather than springing from the core of their being as humans.

In different ways, I am glad to have read each.  But I am not, I fear, likely to reread either.

Media Consumption Log: Thunderbolts

Thunderbolts, the Marvel Comic, has been instructive.  I thought I loved this comic, in much the way that I thought I loved the Exiles, and I imagined, like Exiles, that the comic took a terrible turn.  In the case of the Exiles, that turn came when Exiles began dying in multiples on every mission -- the comic equivalent of torture porn -- and greater emphasis seemed to fall on following the murderous characters than on the actual stars of the book.

In other words, I thought the plot took a turn for the worse, and I decided not to turn with it.

Thunderbolts, on the other hand, has a cleaner "turn."  Without being hypercritical of people doing their best, I simply like the attention to character and archetype that Kurt Busiek creates.

Media Consumption Log: The Cell

I remember watching this in the movie theatre, because I was asucker for anything that promised Virtual Reality.  I remember thinking that the breathing noises made by the people next to me meant they were there for the scantily clad J-Lo scenes.  When Kate brought it home from the Disc Go Round out of the $2 bin, I was surprised.  Today, it reads like murder-melodrama;  in a certain sense, Criminal Minds (another of Kate's favorite shows) has given use better insights into the fantasy worlds of fantasy murderers.  And Virtual Reality, write large, is now the stuff of every movie -- every movie is a virtual reality adventure.

So in the end, this movie feels as locked in the 1990s as it no doubt was at the time of release.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Girlfrenzy The Mist

Mary Marvel, Black Hand, and a supporting cast member from Starman.  Hmmmm...

Media Consumption Log: Star Trek/X-Men

These crossovers are always cheesy, but the pinups are awesome.  I liked the Gary Mitchell/Phoenix moment, I guess, if I had to like something.

Medium Consumption Log: Adventures of Superman (post-death era)

Mullet-Superman, some interesting stories about identity, rendered almost unreadable by the "triangle" system of numbering Superman comics so that four comics were essentially one storyline.  While the odd issue is interesting, on the whole, in the Great Comic Purge, they have to go!

Media Consumption Log: Media Matters DVDs

I don't want to think this hard when the TV is on.  Respectable, and useful for pedagogy, especially the startling first video about perceptions of color -- but not something to watch on the weekends, when apparently, to my weary eyes, media matters less.

Medium Consumption Log: Star Trek, Into Darkness

The first Star Trek of the J.J. era was a reinvention on the scale of Joyce's Ulysses (I exaggerate, but only a little).  This movie is a remake on the scale of the Family Guy recreations of Star Wars.  Deeply disappointing.

Medium Consumption Log: Resolved (Documentary)

An interesting video for a rhetoric professor to watch -- one that teaches us something about the education system broadly and the different ways that access and economics and culture are reinforced by educational practices and traditions.  While the use of Freire is slight, the overall is thought-provoking.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Various Manhunter Comics of the 1980s and 1990s

So wait -- was Spawn the Manhunter in the DC Comics of the 1990s?

And the 1980s -- is there any Manhunter comic that isn't a reworking of the anxieties and strains of the shadow cast by the 1970s Manhunter comics?  (I have hope for the 2000s series!)

Media Consumption Log: Iron Man 1, 2, 3

Probably the best-ever trilogy of superhero movies -- better than anything Batman or Superman franchises generated, and more consistent than then X-Men franchise.  #1 recovered the magic of the comic series while reinventing the narrative.  #2 sustained, even if it did not innovate, and #3 recreated the Mandarin for the 21st century and cemented the idea that continuity in comics can be an innovative way to conceive a movie franchise.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Media Consumption Log: The First Episode of Lost in Space

Watching ME-TV in the background tonight.  Like most of my generation, I disrupt my focus on work by tuning in to sound in the background.  (I killed this habit pre-tenure, and welcome it's return.)  The premiere episode of Lost in Space was almost real science fiction -- I was actually feeling dread for the characters' fate!  What a turn from the cotton candy of later seasons!

Media Consumption Log: Babylon 5

Steve Farnham suggested this.  It's not too bad.  I wouldn't own it, mostly because the makeup on aliens is poor theatre quality -- the designers in the bonus materials said they wanted to go beyond the forehead appliance (used in ST:TNG), but they should have only done so if they were ready to surpass the forehead appliance.  But mostly, in the end, it suffers from the same slow-moving politicking of Star Trek: Deep Space 9, a slow moving-ness I tolerated because I am committed to  the franchise -- I am not committed to this franchise.

Media Consumption Log: Iron Man, circa 2000+

In this period, Iron Man divests himself of his fortune (clever), then nosedives away from being the man who was sharply critical of his family's and corporation's role in weapons development for the military to becoming a wing of the military (SHIELD and the Initiative).  Really, is there no sense of continuity among comics authors after 2000?  I hereby move to divest myself of all comics published by Marvel in the Bendis Era.

Media Consumption Log: Iron Man Hypervelocity

Iron Man meets Cyberpunk and Rave Culture of the 1990s -- in the 2000s!  Oi.

Media Consumption Log: Justice League Task Force #1-10

...because comics need a team of super-heroes capable of undercover insurgent political action.  It's thinking like this that also destroyed the Dalton bond flicks.

Media Consumption Log: King Corn

It amazed me, and with SuperSize Me and Food Inc., it changed some of my consumption habits.  Yet, in rewatching, it grinds so slowly.

Media Consumption Log: Fantastic Four #566-569

Mark Millar gives us yet another "one decision by Reed Richards could destroy the multiverse" story.  No one uses a multiverse more mundanely than Marvel!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Being Human (BBC)

Man, is this series good -- crisper than the US version, though both are strong.  And really, a thousand times better than most other weepy vampire crud.

(PS:  I weep at the beauty of Lenora Crichlow.)

Media Consumption Log: Bloodrayne

Are all video game movies this boring?

Media Consumption Log: Green Lantern #157

Of all the mid-2000s GL comics, with their Hal Jordan traumas and their Women in Refrigerators and their Hate Crime rhetoric, this issue stands out -- Jay Faerber delivers the goods on an action/adventure story as well as a slice-of-life story that treats the women characters as characters (more or less -- still questionable on the Bechdel test, but at least a worthy effort and an entertaining read).

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Justice League Task Force #11+

The 1990s were not kind to the Justice League.  While Elongated Man and Martian Manhunter and even Gypsy created connections to what used-to-be, the rest seemed 1990s creepy -- Vandal Savage as organ-plunderer, Despero's body inhabited by another (L-Ron), and so on.  The introduction of Peter Cannon was sweet, but even that story lacked panache.

Media Consumption Log: Judd Winick era of Green Lantern

I loved these comics when they were initially published -- the Kyle Rayner journey toward being the Only Green Lantern and then the First of a New Corps was awesome.  But it is tainted for me -- tainted by the Women in Refrigerators controversy that was catalyzed by this book, tainted even by the eventual struggle for how to rehabilitate Hal Jordan.  As such, I reread these comics with something like a bitter aftertaste.

Media Consumption Log: Escape from New York

Escape from New York:  I didn't want to like this.  After all, I liked Logan's Run when I re-watched it for the first time in 20 years, and that was a bit embarrassing.  Surely Escape from New York would be the same...  and I would be similarly embarrassed.

I did like it, but for a very odd reason.  There is a whole class of movies with post-apocalyptic settings that appear to simply be the same urban settings you would see on Kojak, grimy and dirty, with some trash cans set on fire.  Apparently, the city was already post-apocalyptic in 1975.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Media Consumption Log: SyFy's Flash Gordon

Slowest start to a TV show ever, but by the end, it recovered.  Flash and Zarkov and Dale never really became the iconic characters from the newspaper strips, but the show moved toward a real crescendo that recreated Ming for the 21st century in a powerful, plausible way.

Media Consumption Log: The Last Man

This movie is awesome for one reason:  Jeri Ryan (formerly "7 of 9" on Star Trek: Voyager) plays one of the leads.  But that's about all it has going for it.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Killing the Cobra (Comic, IDW)

Vampire veteran of the Iraq War becomes caught up in the Chinese criminal underworld.  Clever.

Media Consumption Log: Marvel Adventures Fantastic4

I love this series.  I am removing it from the collection because I would prefer trades to these floppies.  But, for example, in the Annihilus issue, the villain is not a homicidal warlord maniac, but an old-fashioned "meanie" who is more bug that murderer.  Love it.  Kid-friendly, nostalgia rich.

Media Consumption Log: City of Heroes Comic

If I were asked to predict that a comic about a massive, multiplayer online game would be this good, I would have failed.  All the tropes I loved best from comic universes are present.  If you loved comics in the 1980s, this is the comic universe for you.

Media Consumption Log: The Last House on the Left (Remake)

So, if I understand, this is a remake of a film that was, basically, a reinterpretation of an even older film.  Cotton-candy.  Glad to watch a horror movie that doesn't devolve into a morality play or pointless gore, entirely.  The final scene is unnecessarily gratuitous.

Media Consumption Log: World of New Kryption

It is fitting that a comic series that appears to be mostly about political intrigue on Superman's homeworld be abbreviated "wonk."  Even the appearances of Jemm, Sun of Saturn and of Adam Strange could not save this series for me.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Gobbledygook

Non-Turtles comics by Turtles creators (and others, e.g. Richard Corben).  Flat, to me.

Media Consumption Log: Godzilla, Kingdom of Monsters

Ironic Godzilla comic.  Not to my taste.  Godzilla should be played straight.

Media Consumption Log: The Answer

I LOVE THIS COMIC -- enough to wait for trade.  (PS:  Mike Norton is one of the traditional comics geniuses active today -- not a revisionist, but just a great comics storyteller...)

Media Consumption Log: Conrad Thrillogy

Oh, when Indy Comics were just Heavy Metal with slightly less sex and smaller pages and poorer printing quality...

Media Consumption Log: Elric (Pacific Comics)

Cutting edge printing technology in 1980.  Mud in 2013.

Media Consumption Log: Gorilla Man

Marvel's Atlas reinvention takes a wrong turn.

Media Consumption Log: Dino Island

Amelia Earheart (kind of) and dinosaurs.  Clever comic concept.

Media Consumption Log: Brainchild (MCAD)

A comic literary magazine for an art school in Minneapolis.  Yeoman work.

Media Consumption Log: Daring Escapes (Image)

Concept:  Houdini comic.  Awesome.  Execution:  Houdini occult weirdness.  More than I can handle.

Media Consumption Log: Fathom (Comico)

Clever plot, terrible art.  Neither action nor cheesecake, kind of like reading a newspaper comic.

Media Consumption Log: Call of Wonderland; Grimm's Fairy Tales after #75...

When GFT ceases to be playful recreations of actual fairy tales, it becomes a poorly drawn cheesecake comic.

Media Consumption Log: The Alan Moore Pastiche Purge

1963.  Tomorrow Stories.  Tom Strong.  Voodoo.  Top 10.  Why did I buy Alan Moore's recycling of tropes when I could have saved the money to buy the original manifestations?

Media Consumption Log: Oscars 2013

I hate Seth McFarlane.  He ruined animation and he's not doing well here.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Media Consumption Log: DC Universe Legacies

If I want to be nostalgia about comics I have already read, I would read them again.

Media Consumption Log: The Guild

I love this online media property.  I didn't want or need all this backstory, which hinders my ability to identify with the characters.

Media Consumption Log: Guardians of the Globe

Normally, I would love any effort to create a comics universe, but Kirkman hasn't sold me on this -- probably because of the bloody back-narrative to Invincible.  For the same reason I can't do The Mighty, Irredeemable, etc....

Media Consumption Log: Guerillas (Image Comics)

Trained killer apes in the Vietnam War?  I'm not willing to follow this one.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

Media Consumption Log: Frankenstein Mobster

Genius art.  High Concept.  But I never felt engaged with the narrative.

Media Consumption Log: Superman: Metropolis

This is the best we can do for Jimmy Olsen in the 21st century?

Media Consumption Log: Toby the Flying Pig

Tragic comic.  Makes me unhappy.

Media Consumption Log: Phazer Crossover

Awesome idea, mediocre art.

Media Consumption Log: Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel

Rewriting African-American heroes into comics history seems specious to me.

Media Consumption Log: ION

"women in refrigerators" spoiled a lot of Ion stories for me.

Media Consumption Log: Captain Britain

Nothing good can be found after House of M in Marvel.

Media Consumption Log: Dark Reign Fantastic 4

In the post-House of M era, Mr. Fantastic is a jerk.  Delete.

Media Consumption Log: Adventure Comics' Peter Pan

Take a complex text (in terms of colonialism) and keep that complexity as you update it.  Not for me.

Media Consumption Log: Dalgoda

Sometimes, even though the concept is good, you have to decide not to collect a title.  You need room in the apartment for the wife, after all.

Media Consumption Log: Jingle Belle

I want this as a trade, too.  Individual issues are not "of the satisfying hunk," as Heidi puts it.

Media Consumption Log: Planetary Brigade

I want this as a trade paperback.  I will follow Giffen and DeMatteis to the ends of the earth.


Color does not improve the humor.

Media Consumption Log: Supernatural Law

Great concept.  Too "punny" for me.

Media Consumption Log: Dante Primer

Meh.  I wanted to like this.

Media Consumption Log: The Tick - Big Blue Destiny

The humor is too juvenile for me.

Media Consumption Log: Thunderbolts (post-Civil War)

Not even the addition of Man-Thing and the murder of Hyperion the Nasty Plot Device make this comic an exception to my plan to divest of nearly all post-House of M Marvel comics.

Media Consumption Log: Tom Strong

Having decided that Alan Moore is simply the 20th century's best homage artist, I am divesting myself of these comics.

Media Consumption Log: Darklon (Pacific)`

Not every science fiction piece by Jim Starlin transcends the time of its composition.

Media Consumption Log: Unknown Quantities

From the apolitical Neil Gaiman piece to the ponderous Alan Moore piece to the Ted Rall piece (one of the best), this collection dated unevenly.

Media Consumption Log: The Killer

This Archaia-comic reads like David Ware does "noir."

Media Consumption Log: Justice League Elite

Feels like "Grim and Gritty Justice League" to me -- no thank you.

Media Consumption Log: David & Goliath

This Image Comic is too anime-animated in its style, for my tastes.