Thursday, July 19, 2012

Media Consumption Log: Countdown, Countdown: Arena, and Countdown: Ray Palmer

Countdown was largest waste of hundreds of dollars of DC Comics. Why did I keep them? Why did I keep buying them?

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Media Consumption Log: Damage #11, #6

I'm holding onto these issues. Phantom Lady appears, in a very sensible 1990s bicycle shorts style outfit. Hooray for sensible costumes. Given that Phantom Lady was often half naked and tied up in the 1940s, this is a real advance.

Media Consumption Log: Damage

DC Comics' Damage brings teen superhero angst together wih explosive powers... Powers so explosive the caused the big bang at Zero Hour. Maybe it's me, but I find the characterization flat. I am also biased against zero-hour comics, I think.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Media Consumption Log: Common Foe

I am interested in all Keith Giffen monster stories. Issue #1 is just a tease. I hope to find the rest.

Media Consumption Log: Chosen One

I think this collection will also be free of Mark Millar. Especially blasphemous Mark Millar?

Media Consumption Log: chronicles of wormwood

No Garth Ennis ever, in this collection. Purged.

Media Consumption Log: Chimera

The dying days of Crossgen were not fertile. I will never find #1 of this series, and #2-4 feel like 1970s military sci fi with a chick headliner. I'm sure I would enjoy it more had I issue #1. But i do not.

Media Consumption Log: Cholly and Flytrap

Even if we bracket claims about plagiarism in Suydam's later paintings, which turn me off to his later work, this work is rough and kind of 1970s underground in its feel. Purged.

Media Consumption Log: Valiant Comics

I can't afford to collect everything. Purged.

Media Consumption Log: Clerks comic

Awesome visual design, but I can't buy Kevin Smth and his concepts. Purged.

Media Consumption Log: Awesome Comics, Coven

Alrighty, outside the Supreme issues released by Checker, is any Awesome comic worth owning? Purged.

Media Consumption Log: True Blood Seasons 1-3

The public library is the perfect source for a TV show like this -- one I would not pay for via cable or DVD. Anna Paquin's character is empty and purposeless. Bill is empty and motiveless. But the real wonder of the show is not the vampires, werewolves, or sex. It is the very deep suffusion of southern culture into the fabric of the show. Frankly, I can't believe a show this Southern is on TV.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Media Consumption Log: Big Bang Theory

If someone offered you a thin, stereotypical, image of yourself on national television where, heretofore, there had been none, you would buy seasons 1-4, too.

Media Consumption Log: Hairbutt the Hippo

Not quite noir, not quite funny animal comic, not quite drawn clearly enough for a black and white comic so that I can follow the story easily. Purged.

Media Consumption Log: Grey's Anatomy Season One

Imbought this for Kate in the six week period when every woman was watching this show. We never will, again. Purged!

Media Consumption Log: Reb Brown As Captain America

Were these movies made for TV? They look and feel like it. And like all TV art in the 1970s and 1980s, everything awesome about Cap in these movies is about his ability to ride a vehicle. His shield is redone as clear and red concentric circles so it can serve as a windshield for his motorbike. And he spends more time in dramatic chases on that motorbike than he spends pounding baddies. But mostly, this Obie shows that a baby boomer is not a likely fit as a Cap. This Cap wants to discover himself with all the language that my mother used to talk about finding herself. It isn't Cap, for me. But this DVD stays in the collection -- as a cautionary tale.

Media Consumption Log: Hard Time

Steve Gerber sometimes offers hamfisted social critique. The issues I have of this series promise something more -- an exploration if gender, race, Columbine... This is a keeper, at least until I can read the whole series...

Media Consumption Log: Girls Next Door Season One

What was Kate, my beautiful wife, thinking when she bought this?

Media Consumption Log: Wonderland/Neverland

These Zenescope titles are too much cheesecake and too much horror about properties I feel no nostalgic connection with. Purged!

Media Consumption Log: Season of the Witch

This Image comic starts promisingly. It feels like an update of the 1980s DC Amethyst comic. A keeper on potential.

Media Consumption Log: Avengers Movie Suite

The climactic Obie, the Avengers, was awesome in every way a fanboy would dream. Characters who were flat and cipher-like in earlier movies (Tnor, Captain America) or frankly overdetermined by aspirations beyond their reach (the Hulk should smash, damn it) were brought into dynamic, lively, energetic interplay. This is Joss Whedom's gift, to be sure. The Iron Man movies were richest in their characterization. How much of that is the genius of casting an actor who feels palpably like character he plays. These DVDs will not be watched every month, probably one once a year, as a new movie in the franchise comes out, but they are core collection.

Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Media Consumption Log: Tim Truman's Scout

Two issues in, and I feel like I am reading dated 1980s apocalyptic fiction. Kind of a Native-American Road Warrior vibe, a Mad Max with visions....

Media Consumption Log: Halcyon

This comic has real potential -- it touches all my sentimental chords in terms of a worldwide super-powered team. I enjoyed the possibilities it holds. I'll keep issues #1 and hope to find #2 and up in quarter bins.

Media Consumption Log: Kelley Jones' The Hammer

This Dark Horse comic is rich with occultism, and Kelley Jones has an organic, fleshy style that makes demons seem real and tangible and absolutely gross. There is a certain "1970s Creepy Magazine" feel to the art, even, that resonates badly with me.

Media Consumption Log: Hawaii Five-O

It's by sheer accident that I watch this show on Mondays on broadcast TV. It stars at least three geek-tv Asians (Asian actors from Lost and Heroes; Asian Actress from Battlestar Galactica), but this is not geek-tv. It's all about hypermasculinities in an exotic locale. So I watch with a book open on my lap. When the lead actors are on the screen, I read. When the supporting cast is up, so are my eyes.

Monday, July 02, 2012

Media Consumption Log: Ice Age: Meltdown

I love the acorn obsessed Scrat, but Sid stole my heart in this movie. He's a fun loving sloth who knows how to encourage others but yet also seeks the approval of others. The Fire King scenes were a delight even though the little ones try and sacrifice Sid. But, there can't be a movie without some sort of suspense. The "food, wonderful food" singing vultures were also a favorite as they stalk the animals traveling towards higher ground. Overall, I give Ice Age: Meltdown a B+. --kvtb

Media Consumption Log: Martin Gardiner's Hepcats

I wish I liked this. I enjoy the indy, real-life vibe. But I can't get the complete story, and I can't enjoy the anthropomorphism in the black & white art. I want it to be a funny comic. I know, I know, similar arguments are made about comics I love (Maus), but in this comic, I can't look past it.

Media Consumption Log: Harlan Ellison's Dream Corridor

Imagine a text-heavy comic, a comic choked with text, which depends on an intrinsic interest in Harlan Ellison to make you want to read it. Not me.

Media Consumption Log: Hawkeye and Mockingbird (Heroic Age)

As I purge my collection of stuff I'll never want to read again, let me start here. I have mostly ceased collecting Marvel comics after Civil War (the special event of several years back), but occasionally take a chance on mini-series. This series fails because: 1. It depends on nostalgia recollection of comics from the 1980s and 1990s to generate motivation or conflict. 2. It reintroduces a family member entirely for the purpose of dramatically threatening their life. 3. All told, then, characterization is minimal, and plot is simplistic.