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172. TOC: Pub: INFORMAL LOGIC 29.4 (2009).


* "Argumentative Thinking: an Introduction to the Special Issue on Psychology and Argumentation" Abstract PDF by Lance J. Rips 327-336
* "Argument Content and Argument Source: an Exploration" Abstract PDF by Ulrike Hahn, Adam J.L. Harris, Adam Corner 337-367
* "Belief-Overkill in Political Judgments" Abstract PDF by Jonathan Baron 368-378
* "What Constitutes Skilled Argumentation and How Does it Develop?" Abstract PDF by Marion Goldstein, Amanda Crowell, Deanna Kuhn 379-395
* "Differentiating Theories from Evidence: the Development of Argument Evaluation Abilities in Adolescence and Early Adulthood" Abstract PDF by Petra Barchfeld, Beate Sodian 396-416
* "Deliberation versus Dispute: the Impact of Argumentative Discourse Goals on Learning and Reasoning in the Science Classroom" Abstract PDF by Mark Felton, Merce Garcia-Mila, Sandra Gilabert 417-446

Critical Reviews:

* "Eemeren & Garssen's Controversy and Confrontation: Relating Controversy Analysis with Argumentation Theory" PDF by Frank Zenker 447-475

Book Reviews:

* Zenker's Ceteris Paribus in Conservative Belief Revision: On the Role of Minimal Change in Rational Theory Development" PDF by Pierre Boulos 476-478

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