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CFP & TOC: Praxis

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A journal that encourages faculty, grad student, and even undergraduate co/authorship across its genres. As the proudly note, they are also indexed in the MLA. Thanks to UT for supporting this resource.

Twice a year Praxis: A Writing Center Journal publishes articles on writing center news, opinions, consulting, and training. The Praxis editorial board invites article submissions and article proposals from writing center consultants and administrators. We especially encourage writers to submit articles related to an upcoming issue’s theme (listed below). Responses to the previous issues' articles are also welcome. In addition, we welcome book reviews on subjects pertinent to writing center work. Since Praxis represents the collaboration of writing center practitioners across the country and the globe, consultants and administrators are also invited to suggest future issue themes and article ideas.

Recommended article length is 1000 to 2000 words. Articles should conform to current MLA style (7th edition). Send submissions as a Word document e-mail attachment to Patricia Burns and Brooke Hunter at Also include the writer’s name, e-mail address, phone number, and affiliation. Because Praxis is a Web-based journal, please do not send paper; we do not have the resources to transcribe printed manuscripts. Images should be formatted as jpeg files and sent as attachments.


Professionalization and the Writing Center
The Future of WPA Professionalization: A 2007 Survey
by Jonikka Charlton, University of Texas-Pan America
PhD specialization in writing-center and writing-program careers

The Writing Center and Professionalization: Preparing Teachers for Administrative Responsibilities
by Tiffany Bourelle, University of Montana Western
Work in a university writing center prepares instructors for later administrative duties

Engaging Peer Tutors in Voicing Insights from the Tutorial Process
Julian Brasington and Wendy Smeets, Liverpool Hope University
The place of the peer tutor in the British educational system

From Peer Tutors to Writing Center Colleagues: The Potential of Writing Center Internships
by Naomi Silver, Carrie Luke, Lindsey Nieman, and Nicole Premo, University of Michigan
Internships and investment in the writing center

Tutors Teaching Directors about Professionalism
by Claire Lutkewitte, Nova Southeastern University
Tutors and staff members as valuable resources

A Writer, an Editor, an Instructor, and an Alumna Walk into the Writing Center...
by Jennifer Jefferson, Amy Cohn, Ellen Goldstein, Chris Wallis, and Lindsey Campbell, Endicott College
Real-world professional experience in the writing center

Kairotic Moments in the Writing Center
by Tim Taylor, Nia Klein, Kristi McDuffie, Fern Kory, Devin Black, and Serena Heath, Eastern Illinois University
Making the most of proper timing in a consultation

From the Editors: Professionalization and the Writing Center
Praxis takes on Professionalization and the Writing Center

Professional Development at the UWC: Three Personal Experiences
by Alanna Bitzel, Stephanie Odom, and Andrea Saathoff, University of Texas at Austin
The intersection between various fields of study and leadership

The Merciless Grammarian
The Merciless Grammarian spews his wrath on nasty problems of grammar, mechanics, and style

Bringing ‘Abnormal’ Discourse into the Classroom
by Virginia Tucker, Christopher Newport University
Michel Foucault and student discourse

Finding a Good Topic is Hard These Days
by Kelly Kamp, Western Kentucky University
Conducting effective brainstorming consultations

Featured Center: University of Denver Writing Center
Praxis visits the University of Denver Writing Center

Consultant Spotlight
Praxis interviews Sydney Boyd, an English and applied music major and a writing consultant at University of Idaho

An Interview with Ben Rafoth on Writing Center Research, Dissertations, and Job Opportunities
by Rebecca Day Babcock, University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Ben Rafoth discusses current trends in the writing center field

Professionalizing the Everyday
by R. Evon Hawkins, University of Southern Indiana
A Review of The Everyday Writing Center: A Community of Practice

Mentoring Students with Special Circumstances
by Dr Katerina Koutsantoni, King’s College London
Connecting the personal and the professional

News & Announcements
CFP: Spring 2010 Issue of Praxis
CFP: Spring 2010 Issue of Praxis: Professionalization and the Writing Center, Part II

Praxis to be in MLA Bibliography Database!
Praxis: A Writing Center Journal has been invited to the MLA database

2010 MAWCA Conference Announcement
Individuals Shaping Writing Centers - Writing Centers Shaping Individuals

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