Friday, December 25, 2009

163. Christmas

Last night, I spent the night in rapt attention to the movements of Santa Claus as traced by NORAD. I was one of more than 5,000 people watching him via Facebook and an undefined number watching from NORAD's site, Twitter, Google Earth and other links.

The comments from FB users were fascinating -- some playful indignation when their city was skipped on the tracker (NORAD couldn't pace Santa through every urban center; sorry, Des Moines). Some expressed gratitude for the geography lesson. Some expressed gratitude for their kids. The best one, though, expressed a little kid humor that I appreciate: apparently, some kid was just wise enough to figure what NORAD's normal use was, and that kid was anxious that they were hunting Santa.


The Internet jiggled out around 1am. We use Clearwire, and generally, I am amazingly happy with their service for the price (less than $40month including all taxes). But they do drop off in storms, maybe three times a year, and last night was a doozy.

Because we are less than half a mile from the water in Duluth, we get a slightly different weather pattern. While there 19 inches of snow at the airport, there was far less here -- though when the rain fell, it became heavy and wet and hard to shovel. The car is still plowed in.


Today, two movies from Duluth Public Library ("The Air I Breathe" and "Noise") while Kate slept, still recovering from her back troubles. Sleep is good in that case.

Both are tense movies; I almost never let myself watch tense narratives. But these are pretty good -- and "Noise" is a murder-thriler with a protagonist with tinnitus, a real interesting character development. I'd recommend both at Netflix prices or less.


Christmas: An odd holiday. A weekend with a few extra days, and no shopping. Good enough for me.

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