Monday, October 26, 2009

103. Thanks and/for the Modern Rhetoric Colloquium (1)

Thanks to the Institute for Advanced Study at the University of Minnesota for funding this event, which included scholars in Writing Studies and Communication from across the United States (and Canada), all of whom gave generously of their intellectual time and work to make this colloquium happen. (At the Institute, under the direction of Dr. Ann Waltner, we thank Susannah, Karen and Angie.)

Thanks to the two dozen graduate students in English, Communication, and Writing Studies who attended, and to the diverse faculty who welcomed them. It was a remarkable environment of collaboration, of openness to questions as part of a collective construction of knowledge, rather than of competition. It would not have been such had the tone not been set by our opening speakers (James Aune, William Keith, Roger Graves) as they both modeled the dialogue among each other and continued the dialogue through the days.

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