Saturday, September 19, 2009

68 TOC

Pub: KRITIKE 3.1 (2009).
by Richard L. W. Clarke
Featured Essay:
The Dialectics of Power, Rights, and Responsibility by Ranhilio Callangan Aquino
Eroticizing Marx, Revolutionizing Freud: Marcuse’s Psychoanalytic Turn by Jeffry V. Ocay
The Gewirthian Principle of Generic Consistency as a Foundation for Human Fulfillment: Unveiling a Rational Path for Moral and Political Hope by Robert A. Montaña
The Notions of the Human Person and Human Dignity in Aquinas and Wojtyla by Jove Jim S. Aguas
Order: Divine Principle Of Excellence or Perfect Death for Living Beings by Wendy C. Hamblet
Negative Happiness by Adam Barkman
Plato: White and Non-white Love by Amo Sulaiman
Was Freud, at Heart, a Realistic Romantic? by Kathleen O’Dwyer
Truth, Art, and the “New Sensuousness”: Understanding Heidegger’s Metaphysical Reading of Nietzsche by James Magrini
The Death of God and Philosophy’s Untimely Gospel by Virgilio Aquino Rivas
A Pragmatic Justification of Deduction by Melanie Rosen
Yes to Realism! No to Non-naturalism by Ulysses T. Araña
Reading and Accounts by Frederic Will
Dreaming with a Hammer: On Critical Theory in the Philippines (A Philosophical Fiction) by F. P. A. Demeterio
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