Sunday, August 03, 2008

A Report from the UK: 1.0

We have been here for one day, and have much to report.

The Mundane:

1. Northwest airlines was timely and only slightly less comfortable than Virgin. Nonetheless, there were creature comforts missing on this trip that Virgin made standard.

2. It took longer to go walk to the bus stop at Heathrow than it took to walk through customs, a testament to the efficiency of the British immigration system.

3. The Hesperia, an ostensiblly four-star hotel across the street from Victoria Station, reveals to me that I vastly overestimate what a four-start hotel must be.

4. The "Big Bus Company" gives a good bus tour of London (and its environs).

5. A Double Whopper tastes better in England, as do West Cornish Pasties and cheese, any cheese. Even the soft-serve ice cream with fruit compote was tasty.

More, deeper thoughts on a tour of Buckingham Palace later.


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