Sunday, August 10, 2008

9.0 Early Morning

I can't sleep. I caught a cold a few days ago, with attendant sore throat. But I also fell asleep with gum a few nights ago and had this terrible feeling that my sore throat was caused by my chewing gum having migrated into my sinuses.

Only time will tell.

. . .

So luckily, all of the relevant Russell I think that I need is available copyright free on the web. No need to walk to the library today.

I have a 10:30am appointment with Dr. Luckett, keeper of the archive and a former friend of Richards. That will be fun. I would like to ask him about reproducing some of Richards' paintings in my book, or perhaps in an article.

. . .

Kate is still asleep -- we both need our rest.

. . .

It felt, when we got here, like we would be here forever. But even now, it's only 17 more days in Cambridge, followed by 3 in London. Two in Birmingham, in the middle, too.

Time is racing by!


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