Wednesday, August 20, 2008

5.1 English Food, Continued

It's been a while since I blogged about food. Here are the things that Kate and I have loved about England.

1. Nando's "peri-peri" chicken, a counter-service style restaurant with excellent whole chicken on a platter for two. We adored the food and loved the do-it yourself style of service.

2. Pizza Hut Buffet. What's that, you say? We have that in the US? Yes, but only here could others be heard to audibly comment on the American eating with his hands. Apparently, pizza is fork & knife food in the UK.

3. Magnums. Kate loves these ice cream treats.

4. The County Inn, Cambridge, an old fashioned British pub serving Chinese food. Cheap, yet wonderful. Also: a great environment to watch the Olympics in. The barkeep was engrossed, and we were, too.

5. The Ugly Duckling, Cambridge, truly great Chinese, but priced to match.

6. Cider, served in a plastic two-litre bottle, but alcoholic. David is sleeping more soundly.

7. Cafe Nero serves excellent, healthy frappucinos. Costa Coffee serves some nifty frapps, too; David loved the Banoffee, while Kate somewhat enjoyed the Citrus cooler.

8. Sandwiches and pasties are tastier if ordered as takeout; they come cheaper that way.

9. Coffee on a boat is twice as sweet; that's out decision about coffee on the canals in Birmingham. The "Flake" that came with the hot cocoa, though, we could have loved without.

Finally, some food warnings:

1. Milkshakes are NOT the ice cream delights that we have in the US. They are really more like flavored, shaken milk.

2. Pizza at Caffe Uno is too burnt by the brick oven to be tasty. British pizza, overall, lacks cheese.

But we are loving this!


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