Thursday, August 14, 2008

5.1 More on UK Food

Today, we ate at Tatties, a panini and potato joint. I also had some cola made with 19th century formulae. Loved it. Almost a flowery taste.
Yesterday, we ate at a Chinese place, notable because the Chinese places here always ask you "would you like rice with that" -- the charge is extra for rice. Does anyone say no? Today, we also had deep fried pineapple (because another Chinese place was out of bananas for deep frying).
The microwavable hamburgers in the UK are superior to most restaurant burgers. And Sainsbury trifle is to die for.
The college dinners and lunched are becoming repetitive -- all you can eat of 3-7 salads plus a fish or lamb or vegetarian option.
But there is always tea afterward.

Finally -- we are almost to the point where we understand relative costs. I am glad that the per diem allowance on the grant is so high. Even eating at college, we are burning through it and our savings quickly.

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