Wednesday, August 06, 2008

5.0 Food

Here is a catalog consumed so far:

1a. Victoria Station: Baguette with chicken salad from Upper Crust. Crust was whole wheat. Not a good sign for the wonder-bread lover that I am. My colon cannot take so much fiber.

1b. Victoria Station: Pasties. Increased desire for beef tenfold.

1c. Victoria Station: Whopper. Satisfied desire for beef above; Kate had simpy hamburger. Both had ice cream with berry fruit compote -- yummy.

2a. Henry's. Burger for Dave, All-day Breakfast for Kate, terrible service all around.

2b. Dinner at St. Edmund's. Fish of two types, all you can eat salad. Happiness.

2c. Lunch at St. Edmund's. Stuffed pepper, lamb lasagna, all you can eat salad. Happiness.

2d. Pizza Hut. You can't keep us away from fatty American food for long.

Conclusion: maintaining our current weights will be hard in this environment free of high fructose corn syrup and fat. It will take all my effort not to lose weight.

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