Tuesday, August 05, 2008

3.0 First Day in Cambridge

Waking at 8:00, catching the Tube at Victoria Station to King's Cross, catching the train from King's Cross to Cambridge (a 48 minute ride). Walking from the station, just outside town, to Borders (where Kate went to wait for a friend), while I kept walking to St. Edmund's to check in.

A Day with Kathleen, a good friend, although our professional lives have changed us a lot in our three years apart. Also with Barry, Hannah Montanah and clan. Shopping.

Lunch at a place that seemed insistent that either customer service was unnecessary or that serving Americans was unnecessary. I won't return to Henry's in Cambridge ever again.

Kate bought a handbag. I bought comics from Forbidden Planet Cambridge.

That night: watched Donnie Darko, the Director's cut on our DVD player. No TV in the rooms, which are nonetheless amazingly nice.


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